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Become a DIY hero!

PRESCH – Perfect tools for your mission.

The others are just hobby DIYers, with projects. And there´s you. YOU have a mission. You may look mainstream, but underneath there´s a genuine DIY hero. Even a superhero needs loyal companions. Reliable supporters backing him up. Making sure that he can perform at his best. That´s exactly what PRESCH tools are for.


Once a professional…

Once? Wrong – you are a professional EVERY time when you use PRESCH tools. We have put great effort into developing all of our tools and have produced them to the highest quality standards. And this is something you will notice. Over and over again.

“As strong as you.”

You cannot just master your task with any old tool. You need the best you can get your hands on. PRESCH hand tools sit perfectly in your skilled hands and are perfectly designed for their intended use.

Presch Werkzeug

Finish the things you want to. Not only you.

We know that you spend every spare minute working on projects. For this reason, not only do our tools look really good, but they´re also great in terms of ergonomics. This means that you won’t have to stop until the job is done.


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